27 Dec Whats makes you happier?

What keep us healthier and happier in our lives?

If you were needed to invest in your future self, were you will put your time and your energy? Will be one of your biggest goals to have a happier live?

Probably many of us will choose things related with money, success, high achievements and/or romantic relationships. But, will this make us really Happy?

First of all, we need to make a definition of what we are understanding for Happiness. At least during this article, because happiness can have many different definitions.

Lets speak of Happiness as a state of Well being, as a deep sense of serenity and fulfillment. The big question is, Do you want to feel this state of well being today?

What about tomorrow? Would you like to feel a sense of serenity and fulfillment tomorrow? and the day after tomorrow?…. How would you like to feel next Monday?

All of us want to feel Happy today and tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow and next Monday. So, how? how can I feel this state of well being everyday?

What keep us happier and healthier is how we react to the events that are happening in our lives.

You can loose all your money, fall out of love with the father of your kids or get a big sickness that parlays you; and still be happier than when you were use to have it all together.

How this is possible?

First of all we need to make a distinction between two main kind of Happiness: – Natural Happiness (the one that we feel when we get what we want)

– Synthetic Happiness (the one that we feel when we don’t get what we want!)

Many of you, just by reading this will think that the Natural happiness is much more desirable in your lives. Like a higher quality of happiness, the ideal one.

But, to don’t get what we want can make us as happy as not getting it!

Just to accept the things that are happening in our lives as they are, will help us to be happier. If instead we do start to complain about it, we do create a circle of pain that will just spiral us down deeper and deeper.

Finding the way to be happy with whenever is happening is actually the main key for a better life. Because staff is gonna keep happening,,, That is inevitable! We can not control people and circumstances around us every single day, every hour.

We need to stop outsourcing our happiness in the people and circumstances of our lives. We need to stop blaming others for our unhappiness, because as long as we do that, we are giving the control of our happiness to others. And our happiness will be very unstable.

Something that we need to really understand about how to sustain Happiness is that we actually can active the inner source of happiness in our minds, at any time. Because Happy and Unhappiness are just states of mind, therefor happiness and unhappiness cant be found outside. If our minds are too busy and preoccupied, even if the best external circumstances we will be completely unhappy.

Is not what is happening what is making us happy or unhappy, is how we are responding to this things.

How to do this? How we keep cultivating this stable state of mind?

Meditation will be one of our main tool to be able to concentrate in a positive and peaceful state of mind. And Meditation is simple, can take you just a minute per day to start to get benefits from it. Just allow yourself to relax, to close your eyes,,, and became aware of the sensations of your breath. You can imagine yourself breathing in clear bright light fulling your whole body and mind. Allowing yourself to enjoy being in the present moment, feeling the inner peace coming from within.

Just try, what you can loose?

And, remember, whenever you found yourself blaming other from your unhappiness,,, shift it! You can choose. Happiness is in your hands, here and now.

By Angela Perez