Private Yoga Classes

Private classes are the ideal way to address all aspects of your health and well being.
Our teaching staff can cater to all levels and experience specializing in personal programs
designed specifically for injuries, illnesses, overall health and well being.
This personal one on one session pays particular attention to your individual requirements and
individual goals. Private Yoga or Meditation sessions are
available on or off site, by appointment only.

  • Private Yoga ( 60 Minutes )

    This personal one on one session pays particular attention to coordinating breath and movement with postures to suit your individual requirements and individual goals. Choose from a variety of different yoga schools: Anusara, Hatha, Restorative Yin, Embodied Flow or Vinyasa. This private yoga is a personal one on one session that pays particular attention to coordinating breath and movement with postures to suit your individual requirements and goals.

    IDR 850,000++
  • Private Restorative Yoga ( 90 Minutes )

    The ancient path of yoga has at its disposal a vast toolbox of techniques whose purpose is to alleviate suffering. Working one-on-one with an experienced yoga therapeutics teacher provides the opportunity to work specifically on the particular problems you are facing, enabling a truly transformative approach to improving and healing ailments, whether they be physical, mental or emotional in nature. Through harnessing the extensive set of yogic therapeutic practices to help you with your own, individual problems, you will find yourself moving more freely through life, both literally and metaphorically.

    IDR 1,000,000++
  • Private Meditation ( 60 Minutes )

    Meditation is an intensely personal and spiritual experience. The desired purpose of each meditation technique is to channel normal waking consciousness into a more positive direction by totally transforming one’s state of mind. To meditate is to turn inwards, to concentrate on the inner self. Meditation transcends all divides like religion, country and culture. It is a gift given to mankind to access the infinite sprit not limited by any identity. Modern life style has high exposure to anger, hate, fear and other negative emotions. These human emotions have a high tendency to duplicate and spread. Meditation helps an individual overcome these emotions to facilitate a calm peaceful mind and a healthy and stress free body. Upon daily practice an individual will blossom into an unshakable personality. The bodily benefits of meditation are: lowering blood pressure, lowering the levels of blood lactate, improving the immune system, increasing body vitality, controlling insomnia and increases overall health of the body.

    IDR 850,000++
  • Private Pranayama ( 60 Minutes )

    When the Breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the Breath is still, so is the mind still." - Hatha Yoga Pradipika Breathing is life. It is one of our most vital functions. One of the Five Principles of Yoga is Pranayama (or Breathing Exercise) that promotes proper breathing. In a Yogic point of view, proper breathing is to bring more oxygen to the blood and to the brain, and to control Prana or the vital life energy. Pranayama Yoga also goes hand in hand with the Asanas. The union of these two Yogic Principles is considered as the highest form of purification and self-discipline, covering both mind and body. Five types of prana are responsible for various pranic activities in the body; they are Prana, Apana, Vyan, Udana, and Samana. Out of these Prana and Apana are most important. Prana is upward flowing and Apana is downward flowing. Practice of Pranayama achieves the balance in the activities of these pranas, which results in healthy body and mind. Available on and off site.

    IDR 850,000++

* Private yoga and meditation  sessions on site are subject to 21% government tax and service.
* Please contact us at for offsite private prices.