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19 Feb Tips to Make Your Morning Awesome

We all know that how you start your morning has a huge impact on the rest of your day. Wake up late, tired and in a rush to get out the door and you’re likely to feel stressed before you’ve even brushed your teeth. We all crave to feel well rested, centered and happy in the morning and this is easily achievable with a simple morning routine. Lucky for us, the ancient wellbeing practice of Ayurveda has some tips to help you align with the natural rhythms of nature and establish positive habits.

The morning really starts with the night before. Loosely plan out your day and get as much ready as you can, work out what time you need to be where, when you’re going to be able to eat and plan in some down time. Then get to sleep as early as possible. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.


Ayurveda suggests waking up just before the sun rises so you take the light, fresh and creative energy of the morning into your day. If you’re not a morning person, start with a small change. Set your alarm 1 minute earlier each day till you get to sunrise. Waking early also gives you time to invest in yourself with a healthy morning routine.


Scraping your tongue each morning removes toxins that have accumulated in your body over night from undigested food and experiences. Try it out and see what you scrape off… you’ll never not scrape again. (Tongue scrapers can be bought here.)


Drink a glass of warm water + lemon to cleanse the inside of your body. Lemon helps balance your pH levels creating more alkalinity, aids in digestion and removes toxins in your system. For a punchier drink add in 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder or some fresh ginger. Turmeric is an incredible anti-inflammatory spice that boosts the immune system, nervous system and gives you clear glowing skin.STRETCH

Also known as ‘yoga’. Moving your body into certain positions unlocks stagnant energy in the body and promotes flexibility, flow and a deeper connection to yourself. Starting the day with some simple yoga postures is highly beneficial. You don’t have to attend a yoga class, or push out a 90 minute hot yoga session to be ‘doing yoga’ and gaining its benefits. It’s actually more beneficial if you are calm, relaxed and doing yoga as if you were ‘swimming in a warm ocean watching the sun rise with a smile on your face.’ Start with a few repetitions of Sun Salutation (facing the sun), or any other gentle yoga asana sequence you know. It’s the morning and your body may be slightly stiff, so take it easy, be kind and caring to yourself and allow the energy in your body to flow.


Meditation is a way of checking in with yourself; a way to dissolve stress, repair your nervous system and expand your mind. It makes you more capable, less reactive, more innovative and less tired. It’s like a 20 minute super charged power nap you can do anywhere – without having to find a bed. This is the non-negotiable part of my morning routine. If all else fails, I always meditate.


Blog 14 photo 2You wouldn’t drive your car without petrol in it so you shouldn’t start your day without fueling your body. It plays an important role in how good you feel and what you can accomplish. Nourish your body with a healthy medium sized breakfast (lunch should be your biggest meal) or if you’re not that hungry drink a smoothie. Eat what’s in season and what feels good in the moment. Trust your intuition and listen to what your body wants. Eat something that tastes amazing, pleases all your senses and will give you energy for the day.

Radical change can sometimes cause more stress then good so I suggest you integrate these tips into your life little by little and make it a habit to look after yourself.

– By Laura Poole