13 Jun The DBB foundation will be spearheading the Srikandi Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign

The Srikandi Justice Campaign seeks to create awareness of domestic violence in Bali and is sponsored by the People’s Law Centre. The Srikandi Justice Campaign is committed to creating awareness and educating people about their fundamental rights in regard to domestic violence against women and children.

The term SRIKANDI JUSTICE is derived from the name of the puppet character “Dewi Srikandi,” a strong, fearless, and self-reliant female knight. Srikandi’s bravery in the face of guys who were regarded to have talents well beyond those of women at the period exemplifies her character. Dewi Srikandi, on the other hand, surprised expectations by becoming her country’s greatest warrior thanks to her archery skills. The name “Srikandi” is taken from the English word “justice,” and it is used to communicate the idea that the women who participate in the Srikandi Justice program are powerful women.

Our Mission
We hope to help women and children in Bali, who are victims of domestic violence, which has been aggravated by the current Covid19 pandemic, by implementing our Sri Kandi Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign.

Srikandi Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign seeks to:
• Create awareness of domestic violence in Bali
• Educate the public on various “forms” of domestic violence
• Educate the public on how to help victims seek help
• Educate the victims on how to reach out and seek support
• Conduct regular Domestic Violence Anonymous programs
• Conduct a series of Seminars, Workshops & Training for volunteers
• Involve and engage with professionals under our “Lawyers for Charity”
• Provide psychosocial assistance, by qualified and experienced social workers who have the capacity to provide social support to women and children who are victims of violence
• Host fund-raising bazaars in support of Domestic Violence