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04 Oct Love – it is what it is

From the moment one is born, love is there, even in the most dire situations and conditions. It is a force that is unexplainable by words or intellect, although I’m about to try my hand at it right now.

Is it so necessary? Are we placing too much, or not enough importance on it? Can we go on without it? What is its purpose? Okay, so perhaps I don’t have all the answers, maybe not even any answers for you, but I can convey my personal experience with regards to this touchy-feely subject, in hopes that it will inspire you to seek a deeper truth for yourself.

Love is energy. It is the driving force behind everything in the universe. it isn’t a state of mind, it is the mind. Love is found everywhere, from the smallest blade of grass to a towering tree. And not only is it in all living beings, but you can see it in in animate objects too. Love is an entity all its own, and there is no two persons who can feel or give love the same way. There are no limits to love, it is expansion and contraction, it is breath and death.

Since I am human, I can only speak as this life form, but I dare to say that if I can be love, all can receive it, and if I give it with the right volition, the universe will see that it is bestowed upon those whom are not only in alignment with my vibration, but anything in my atmosphere will also benefit and be charged up. Take for instance your bedroom; if every morning when you wake up you make your bed, tidy your clothes from the night before, put something back in its place, you’ll instantly notice that your room is now filled with happy vibes, vibes that convert into love. Anyone that comes into your personal space will too feel this abundance of joy, not because everything is in its place, but because your energy was to provide self-care and it is seen not only by the naked eye, but innately felt by anyone who enters this room. You don’t need to point out that you cleaned or tidied up, just your knowledge alone will be enough to provide a little burst of love as you allow someone into your room. See how this works? It’s not to glorify and raise your ego’s hat, it’s to amplify the pleasure of love that is found in a pair of neatly, tucked away, rolled up sweat socks.

When we don’t see the love, how can we hand it over? Do you think that love is only for lovers? Love is all encompassing and inclusive, it’s to be shared not boasted about. Another analogy, one that is near and dear to my very heart: in the past I’ve found myself consistently labeled the third wheel, meaning, anytime my best friend(s) found themselves in a partnership, I was always there in the middle. Not on all counts but when it came to weekends and adventures, when they got into arguments or just watching a movie, there I was. In more recent years I’ve wondered why that took place, it wasn’t out of attachment, it was because I knew how it felt to be lonely. So there I was, like a dirty shirt, plunked right down in the middle of all the action. But it wasn’t the best place to be. Sometimes they’d want to be alone and I found myself feeling really out of sorts, rejected, excluded. Ah huh! Now I understand its message, the purpose, why I had to go through those experiences over and over again. It wasn’t to toughen me up, no, quite the opposite. It was to open me up, to understand at the root level of my existence that love isn’t an exclusive deal. I have come to my senses now, and I tend to go through great effort to include everyone in my love life. Not my intimate relationship with my partner, although I tend to keep that on the down low, but in my life that is made from love. Many people blindly rub their exclusive relationships in the faces of others. Not everyone is strong enough to resist jealousy and misery, most people who are single, searching for a relationship, are likely to end up becoming more miserable as they do not have an understanding that love is not meant to be sought after, it is already who you are. But watching their friends handed lovers time and again while they are seemingly stuck in old patterns is usually a painful experience. So for me, I’ve made a conscious decision to include everyone; having been a third wheel I have developed not only empathy but have done the work to cultivate compassion and continue to explore this realm.

You can’t hold into love, but you can confidently let it flow. If you haven’t placed importance on this in the past, I encourage everyone to do so; you will immediately feel a shift in your life. Through the eyes of love we see no separations, no exclusions, no borders, no negativity, you cannot find anything bad to say about love. It is not pointless, it is the point and let’s face it, it’s the only thing you take with you when you die.

Sometimes people tend to downplay love. They think it is for the weak, or it’s for the hippy-dippy’s and creative types. There’s no way a scientific intellect could ever fathom love, or so some would like to think. But if that were true, any left-brain individual would be single and all the right-brainers would be in love. The fact of the matter is, love is what makes the intellect and joins the creative with the creator. So you see, love is in all of us, you can’t zap it and make it disappear, it doesn’t have a need to be spoken of or displayed and declared for all to see. Love is what it is, purposeful in bonding all things.

By Sarah