27 Dec Leap your way Forward

Are you living a life you are proud of? Do you spend your days doing the things you love, around people that inspire and encourage you?

A couple of years ago I was spending time with my father and he told me that he would have loved to have been an architect. I was both surprised at finding out that my dad had wanted to do this and sad that he never had. We spoke a lot about the reasons he was not able to study and how he felt about never fulfilling his dream.

Over the years, I have met many people with similar stories of perhaps a career path they didn’t take or a journey they didn’t make. With everything that is available to us in life, we may not be able to be or do everything we want to. However none of us want to live a life with regrets – feeling like we made the wrong choices, that we didn’t reach our potential, or perhaps that we are not living the life we really want to lead.

This realisation can come at different times and often it can be at an intuitive level before we even become conscious of it. Sometimes we can feel something is out of alignment in our lives before we actually know what it is. Knowing that you may not be living your best life and then taking the steps to change can be the hardest part, it takes courage and commitment.

For some of us, fear holds us back. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown or sometimes fear of moving outside of what we have always done and doing something different. For others it may simply be not knowing how and where to start.   Whatever the change you are contemplating, confidence plays a key role in how you will achieve your goal. Sometimes we want to try something different but don’t know where to start or might need some support in doing so. For others, it may be having some space to reconnect with who you are and what makes you uniquely you!

There is no secret formula for understanding your life’s purpose or developing yourself to reach your potential, however there are ways that you can make it easier:

– Finding time to take out the clutter and noise of everyday life so you are able to listen to your intuition or get clarity on your goals.

– Seeking a level of self-awareness to truly understand your strengths and the things that might be holding you back.

– Learning tools and techniques that can help you make better decisions or plan your way forward.

– Seeking the support of other like-minded people, who can help coach and mentor you to take the leap you want to take.

Sally Doherty and Mandy Davies have worked within leadership and performance for many years in the private, public and not for profit sectors, but more importantly they have both mustered courage and support from others to make significant personal and career changes. Their lives have now intersected at a common dream – they have created a series of programmes designed to help others find the space, skills and support to make sustainable change.


The “Outside of the Lines” series of residential workshops have been specifically designed for people who want to live and lead their best life with each program having a slightly different focus. We are excited to be bringing our “Leap” programme to the beautiful environment of Desa Seni on July 26th – 31st 2015.

“Leap” is a personalised five-day experience for anyone who is looking to, change direction, take on a new challenge or redefine their purpose in life. This program will inspire you to create and design a life where you can be the best you can be and to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

All our programs are based on contemporary research and approaches that will help you clarify what’s important for you. Through personal insights you’ll gain clarity of direction and be filled with that inner sense of calmness and vitality that prevails when we know we are on the right track, doing what we love.

Through workshops, guest speakers and 1:1 coaching you will become clearer on your strengths and direction. You will have the time, space and support to design your way forward in any direction you choose. What makes us excited is the bringing together of like minded people and the support and inspiration we can share amongst the group.

Prior to the 5-day workshop participants will complete a short online survey so they can identify their strengths, this is an important foundation to the Leap Programme as we know that we all perform up to 36% better when we are doing the things we are good at and that energise us, so this is our starting point.

The daily sessions are all based on elements of Positive Psychology, Sally and Mandy have chosen the best of the best content from around the globe and bring it to you in a well researched, yet highly practical and experiential series of workshops.   Positive psychology is the scientific study of what makes life most worth living, it looks at all of the factors that contribute to living “the good life”. Martin Seligman (Positive Psychology Guru) referred to the “good life” as “using your signature strengths every day to produce authentic happiness and abundant gratification”.   The vast amounts of research into Positive Psychology and Happiness tells us that the factors that contribute to a well-lived fulfilling life include: experiencing positive emotions, positive individual traits, and positive institutions. Positive emotions are concerned with being content with one’s past, being happy in the present and having hope for the future as well as intelligently using our emotions. Positive individual traits focus on one’s strengths and virtues. Finally, positive institutions are based on strengths to better a community of people and include giving back and helping others.

“Leap” is different to many other programmes or retreats, in that we don’t just wave you on your way and wish you good luck after the 5-day programme. We provide ongoing coaching to help you assimilate your desired changes when you return to the normal day to day challenges and busyness of your life. Your personal coach will be there to encourage and support you to apply all that you have learnt. You’ll also have the support of your fellow participants, you may even form some lasting friendships with others also embarking on a change.

As with all our programs in the Outside The Lines series, we understand the mental, physical and emotional elements that are important for your success. Each program will start the day with morning yoga or pilates followed by a healthy organic breakfast, much of the produce is grown on site and tended to by the local farmers and gardeners.   The unique Balinese environment is conducive to new thinking, to setting goals that align to where you want to head, to meeting new friends and building the confidence to return to your life inspired and full of energy, motivated and ready to apply all your have learnt.

Join us in taking the Leap –it’s bound to be life enhancing!

Go to www.outsidethelines.life for more information.

By Mandy Davis