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13 Dec What Would Happen – If A Million People Around the World Began to Live From the Heart?

All too often we get caught up living the life in between our dreams and aspirations. We get stuck on the way to the life we want, and become settled with a life that satisfies but does not fulfill. And without a foundation of stability we wander from here to there. We are focused but aimless, until life takes matters into its own hands and knocks us into our clarity and potential.

Six years ago, near the middle of 2011, I was at a high peak in my life. I had just given a Tedx talk, was living the luxury life in Bali, and unknown to most, I was preparing to be a father. My girlfriend at the time was pregnant and I felt a love and excitement stronger than any other I’d felt before.

Life is not all ups though. Like anything in nature it has a cycle and what goes up, must come down. This isn’t bad; it just means you learn to fall with grace, which I unfortunately, had not yet learned.

I completed that year going from my highest peak to my deepest low, devastated and heartbroken. The child never came, miscarried just before the 2nd trimester, and I was left with this emptiness where I had placed so many thoughts and stories of what was coming, but never did. I lost the partnership soon after, and spiraling down, I lost myself.

Human nature is to reach outward for an external fix or at least distraction. I chose instead to go inward. I dove in deeply and went silent for 365 days. I literally didn’t speak. It was a transformational year to say the least.

The most powerful lesson I learned is that what we seek, as our purpose in the world, our passion, and our wholeness cannot be discovered. It is uncovered. It has been with us the whole time, buried beneath our stories, our beliefs, our painful experiences and pleasurable ones. My broken heart was just a story above my whole heart.

And when you drop beneath those layers and begin to express from this stable core of what I call the Beginners Heart, then that deeper purpose that has been laying dormant inside you begins to speak, express, and open into the world in the most brilliant and inspirational way.

And for this reason, I began a Mission to Inspire 1 Million Hearts, to help others uncover the brilliant Beginners Heart I know lays within you all.

Rodolfo Young

Imagine the ripple as more and more people begin to listen to the profound prose of their own internal guidance. The omission of words is only one form of silence, but the true silent power is learning to listen.

I feel blessed to have been featured alongside people like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, and Eckhart Tolle. I’ve personally shared with thousands of people and authored 6 books on love, life, and self-discovery. In all of it, I teach the same core principles.

Acceptance, permission, and expression – APE.

These are three key principles to listening and living from the Beginners Heart.

Acceptance is to recognize the reality of this moment. Simply put, be real and honest about what’s happening right now, regardless of whether you like it or not. First, see it fully and clearly.

Permission is to let fall the walls of protection you’ve placed because you feared the world’s judgment of whom you hide behind those shields. Know that you are worthy, enough, and deserve to receive all the resources waiting for you at your doorstep. Permission is opening the door to possibility.

Expression is what happens automatically when you surrender to the flow of life moving through you. It does not take thought or effort; it is in letting go of control that authentic expression occurs.

In early 2016, I returned to silence, pausing only to share heart talks, interviews, and some on line media. The intention is to cultivate these principles of the Beginners Heart and to live as an example of them.

Every person’s truth is different. My mission is to teach you how to listen to that truth that is uniquely yours and how to honor it, so that you give yourself and others the possibility of your maximum and most authentic potential.

Can you imagine the difference it will make if a million plus people begin to live from the power of their hearts?

I will complete my second year of silent practice on my birthday – February 16, 2017. I am more than half way to reaching 1 million hearts, and I’d love your help in being part of this wave of heart expression. This is a mission not of just one man, but of a community including you. THANK YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE.

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 By Rodolfo Young