31 Dec Grounding with Essential Oils

These days most of us have heard the sayings “you need to ground, “come back into your body,” or “be in the present moment.” Grounding is easier for some more than for others. For me, a person with four astrological planets in air and a love for all things ethereal, the concept of grounding always seemed like a threat to my sense of freedom, akin to having my wings clipped and being put into a cage. But in reality, my affinity for residing in the higher luminous energies without a means to ground myself often rendered me quite ineffective. It compromised my access to the vastness of my creative and manifesting capacity. Eventually I came to realize the fullness of these capabilities when I began to utilize grounding tools in my personal routine. This is especially true of essential oils, which as I will explain, have been invaluable to me in anchoring self-actualization energies into my heart – the true point of one’s power.

What is it to be grounded, and how does that exist for one’s self? Take a kite, for example. Unless it is anchored to the ground while soaring high aloft, there can be no realization of the joy it offers. It is wonderful to have inspirational, visionary ideas, but if we do not ground them we cannot actualize their potential and make progress in bringing about the joy of their manifestation. If we are not grounded within our physical body, or are not functioning in present time, then we do not have access to our creative capacity. Without an anchor, our full expression will not be made available to us. 

You could liken this to ideas and inspiration existing within our personal iCloud, i.e. our higher mind. Their potential simply remains there until we enter into a stage of integration by means of a grounding or “download” process. Gifts of the higher mind must first be grounded in order to be effectively shared outwardly into the world. I contend that the whole purpose of our existence is for sharing our gifts with the world. To be grounded is to have a wider, fuller experience of our sensual self – our feeling self – available for sharing. From there, we have GPS coordinates to the Now moment – a tether to the present with heightened intuition, awareness and a sense of ease that comes when roots are firmly planted. 

The plant kingdom is purposely rooted to the earthly realm. Essential oils are the life blood of this kingdom. Utilizing essential oils is partnering with the nature realm’s blueprint of perfection, and gaining access to its ancient wisdom. When using essential oils, they act as a type of psycho-spiritual technology for clearing us, for opening us, and for helping to make available to us all that is ours creatively. How does this happen? Well, in a nutshell, essential oils are way more than just their scent. They contain powerful constituents that cause the cells of one’s body to literally sing in harmony with the innate intelligence of the universe.

The most effective grounding essential oils are by and large the tree, shrub, and/or grass oils. They lend their earthy scents and stabilizing properties to strengthen and empower us. Examples such as Sandalwood, Black Spruce, Cypress, Galbanum, Hinoki, Patchouli, and Vetiver are some of the most effective of the grounding oil singles. In addition to these singles, Young Living Essential Oils has some magnificent blends that I have found are optimal for not only grounding but also spring-boarding creative energies: Sacred Mountain, Grounding, and Present Time are a few examples.

These essential oil singles and blends are spiritually uplifting yet calming to the body, balancing and stabilizing for the emotions, and help in activating the chakras. They assist in oxygenating the brain, which increases alertness while at the same time heightening focus. All of this assists us in responding to life from a centered place rather than being continuously in reaction mode. And when centered, we are better in touch with our “what” and our “why” as they relate to our life’s purpose. 

Using essential oils for grounding is easy and immediate: simply rub a few drops onto the palm of your hands, cup them together and deeply inhale their aroma. Then run your hands in a sweeping motion through your aura that surrounds the body at about 8-10 inches. Do so over your entire body as if you are wiping it clean. Additionally one can use a drop or two at the base of the skull and both sides of the temples to calm and ground the mind. For a deeply rooted experience, a drop of the same oil applied at the base of the spine enhances the connection. The oil can also be applied to the soles of the feet so as to create a stabilizing connection with the earth.

Essential oils applied for grounding affect all the chakra energy centers by supporting their activation. When our chakras are activated, we are more receptive to the cosmic forces of Love flowing inwards from Source into the upper chakras.  The crown chakra blooms, opening itself to the incoming rays of divine wisdom. The third eye chakra perceives creative visions. The throat chakra begins to put the pieces of that cosmic information together, preparing it for expression through the power of our word.  Source wisdom, vision and communicative power, when joined with desire (root chakra), passion (sacral chakra) and the fires of the will (solar plexus chakra), and guided by the power of our intention, cause a downward rush of the upper energies that conjoin with the upward rush of the lower energies into the chalice of the heart chakra. There, deeply grounded in that sacred still point of coalesced energies, the heart acts as a vessel to retain these potent energies until they are directed outward through loving intention, word and deed.

I believe we all know how important our words and intentions are, so it is worthwhile to proclaim an intention when applying essential oils for grounding. An example might be, “I am sacred, strong and purposefully here to give the gifts only I can give. I am deeply grounded in my body and my love. The earth mother holds me and provides her strength to me. All of life supports me and I am deeply grateful that I am here doing this exquisite dance of creation.”

Now you can pursue your heart’s desires with the clarity and courage to bring your dream into manifestation. When grounded and in touch with your LOVE and life force, you are the hero of your own journey. You are now feeling elevated from your heightened awareness and filled with gratitude while witnessing your gifts flowing out into the world. 

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them – Henry David Thoreau

By Ka’Haiya Sophia