Grounding with Kundalini Yoga

27 Dec Grounding with Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a practice well noted for it’s intent and capacity to raise energy up the spine.  This energy, the Kundalini,  is the ultra potent life force, much of which lies dormant at the base of the spine, waiting to be activated to awaken us to the vastness of the energetic potency and possibilities within us. For the first time practitioner, this energetic expanse  may seem a bit new or even overwhelming at first, yet herein lies the gift of the practice: to step into and recognize the fullness of all that we are, and to integrate that expanded space of awareness into a grounded state of awakened consciousness.

Trillions of cells are consistently at work and at play, giving us our unique human form and experience.  Each one of these cells is moving and breathing energy, holding wisdom, memories, patterns and possibilities. The technology of kundalini yoga (KY) is designed to take us into the cellular experience of this amazing network of creation.  It does so by stimulating different nerves, glands and energy centers of the body to unleash the free flow of life consciousness within us.  This flow naturally releases physical and energetic constrictions in the body and mind, freeing up the space within to step more fully into our true nature, which is, as Yogi Bhajan would say, not that of a human being having a spiritual experience, but of a spiritual being have a human experience. Through the practice, we begin to tap into the grounding frequency of this unified field of consciousness:  the broader reality of our spiritual being, experienced through this physical vehicle.

The kriyas and meditations of KY are such that they inevitably take us into arenas that challenge our minds and our self limiting belief patterns. It is exactly at these moments of challenge that the space for transformation lies. The invitation there is to sensitize ourselves to the subtle energies at play, and to step into a broader feeling sense of all that we are. We experience the patterns of our minds and bodies of how they react to challenge, and how when we stay committed to keeping up with our spirit rather than falling prey to the thoughts of the mind, we can transcend self limiting thoughts and beliefs, and discover new territories and possibilities of freedom and expanse.

Grounding with Kundalini Yoga

So how do we step into the opportunities that lie therein? We do so by staying grounded in our commitment to our selves through the process:  staying present with our breath, grounded in our focus (dristi), and aligned with the inner vibration of our highest intent through mantra.  These tools support us to go beyond the patterns of the reactive mind and the small self, and into the broader wisdom and reality of the big Self.

Tapping into a realm or field that may not be that familiar to us on our daily waking plane can stir up emotions or feelings that may feel a bit outside of our comfort zone, or that may take a bit of processing to understand, but through staying present with the Self in these moments, we are strengthening our nervous system to hold the space of greater possibilities that are inherent within.  We are building our comfort zone to receive and accept ourselves in our fullness, so that we may put our grander authentic capacity to use in our lives and in the world.

Our creative capacity is utilized in Truth when we bring it out into the world.  The world needs our consciousness for this joint evolutionary path we are on.  And we need our consciousness to be more happy, healthy and fulfilled.  Truth be told, the real test to how we hold ourselves grounded in our highest consciousness takes place through the little moments of life each day… how we handle simple exchanges with others through our day, how we experience ourselves and life through the more challenging or surprising times as well as through the more uplifting times.  The practice of kundalini yoga: the raising, circulating, experiencing and grounding of our energetic frequency and capacity, nourishes our ability to hold the space of awareness through these ever flowing bits of life.  This is how this practice grounds us on an expansive yet very concrete level all at once.

We were given this body to experience consciousness in this form.  Therefore, to be truly grounded is to be in this body and in full vastness of our consciousness!

By  Daphna Dor / GuruWant