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12 Mar Essential Oils & the Sacred Temple of You

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of essential oils beyond their pleasant scent? Let’s take a journey and explore what therapeutic grade essential oils do on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level.

Flowers, grasses, tree bark, resins, herbs and leaves all contain essential oils. These oils are the lifeblood of the plant and its defense mechanism against insects and disease. The plant kingdom possesses very NOW energies without the emotional baggage we humans tend to accumulate. Flowers aren’t stuck in feelings of low self-esteem. Trees are not prideful or angry. Herbs do not lament the past nor fear the future. In essence, they hold the perfection of their original blueprint.

Mother Nature’s perfection is all around us. When we harmonize with the energy and frequency of the plant kingdom it uplifts us and activates our innate wisdom. This transformation can bring about profound healing.

Essential Oils have higher frequencies than our human body. An average healthy human body ranges from 62 MHz to 78 MHz, while essential oils frequencies range from 52 MHz to 550 MHz. Colds and Flu start at 57-60 MHz. Disease starts at 58 MHz. Some examples of the frequencies of essential oils include Lavender 118 MHz, Rose 320 MHz, Idaho Blue Spruce 500+ MHz, Peppermint 78 MHz and Frankincense 147 MHz.*

Inhaling and applying pure therapeutic grade essential oils allows us to partake in nature’s healing gift. This allows us to harmonize with the perfection of the plant, to use its healing properties for our own, and to raise our bodies’ frequency. It makes sense that a body consistently heightened in frequency is no longer a match for old emotional baggage and is less susceptible to illness.

In the infinite wisdom of our creator, Gaia, and all the creatures that live upon her, are given the biological GPS to return to wholeness, or holiness. This inherent wisdom brings balance and harmony back into our lives.

When we consciously apply essential oils with intention, a coherence is created within us on a very fine level. This process not only tunes us from within, but also into the plant kingdom and the unity of all life, the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

In a very real way, this harmonization puts us as the connective point between the divine and Gaia, making a bridge between heaven and earth. Essential oils help bring us into the heart of the sacred vessel known as YOU!

The mind, emotions, body and spirit are all connected. Therefore, healing must take place on all these levels. Essential oils are wonderful for addressing the underlying cause of imbalance and disharmony held in the emotional body that can outwardly manifest as pain or dis-ease.

I like to say they are sort of a “Roomba”, an automatic vacuum cleaner for the body. When essential oils are applied to the skin they are absorbed easily and carried by the bloodstream to every cell in the body within minutes. They increase oxygen uptake, enhance the absorption of nutrients, increase longevity, and help our bodies detoxify. Even deeper, they have properties that work on a cellular level to cleanse receptor sites on the cells, as well as repair and erase erroneous data that results in sickness.

When we anoint ourselves with pure therapeutic essential oils, it infuses our bodies with their frequencies. Inhaling their fragrance while in prayer, yoga or meditation may help us to see what we couldn’t see before and help us gain new understandings or break loose of old thought patterns.

You may be familiar with Dr. Masuru Emoto’s work that showed how water crystals changed from beautiful to ugly or vice versa according to focused intention. It is interesting to note that essential oils also respond to words, thoughts, intention and prayer, just as we do. Combining prayer with the anointing of essential oils amplifies intent, and because the oils are adaptogenic they move their molecules to where they can best serve to heal.

Blog 7 Photo 3For healing and the raising of consciousness, the purity of the oil is paramount. Be cautious, because 90% of all essential oils on the market are not pure therapeutic grade, even if they are labeled as such. Unfortunately most have been adulterated, diluted, contain toxic synthetics or been over heated in the extraction process, killing the life force.

How can you be sure to get a high quality product? It is important to do research and trust your supplier. The ones who can guarantee the highest quality from “Seed to Seal” are a good place to start.

Through my personal spiritual journey and from spending time in the Amazon, I came to understand how plants could heal us. Today, I honor my own vessel of spirit by using essential oils every day. At sunrise I anoint myself before my yoga and meditation. This practice grounds me into the natural world making it easier to bridge with upper realms. Throughout the day I reapply for stress, or pain relief. In the evening I use the oils for calming and rejuvenation.

I apply them while connecting in my heart and I verbalize my highest healing intention. I layer many oils on top of each other on various organs where we hold anger or fears, on the bottoms of my feet (where our organs are also represented) and on my chakra energy centers. I also use oils in my healing sessions with others to meet their needs of purification, alignment or emotional release.

Essential oils facilitate cleaning out old physical and emotional dis-ease as they bolster and nourish us. They also help us to explore higher states of consciousness – literally “oiling the way” to the next level! For tending your sacred temple they are most helpful partners on one’s healing journey!

– By Ka’Haiya Sophia