03 Oct Crystals Powerful Tools of Mother Earth

Why is it important to take care of your energy and balance at this global moment of higher consciousness and self-awareness?

From many points of view in the vast diversity of our planet’s mind, there is one concept that appears commonly clear; we, as human beings, have a great responsibility to take care of our personal energy. Something that could be called “energetic pollution” expresses this idea.

This concept cannot be called new as it belongs to different cultures and ancient beliefs and is shared since centuries by many disciplines and studies related to the body, the soul, or more simply to the science of energy; we find in depth knowledge of it in the sacred Hindu texts of the Vedas, in Ayurvedic Medicine, in Chinese Traditional Medicine, in Taoism, in Buddhism, Shamanism, Balinese Spirituality and even in science.

The ancient traditions all suggest that we, as a living and thinking human being, have a responsibility to interact with the planet, respect nature, and co-exist harmoniously with each other as well as being aware of the entire universe.

The vision of this is simple: all of us occupy a position in the world, which can be explained by referring to an “everyday life”. For example, we have roles and identities such as being a mother, a sister, a son, an engineer, a lawyer, a painter, a teacher or a monk. Any other label or identity can be applied.

The position we occupy in this world is our proportional challenge. It is the obstacle we are facing in order to evolve and become the best version of ourselves. It represents the challenge we have to go through in order to become better, feel better, and live a better quality of life.

By doing so, and relating to “our challenge” positively, we also help to make the world a much more friendly place to be.

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Naturally we have specific nuances in our diversity; some of us are friendly, others more introvert, some of us are patient, others easily irritable, some very soft and sensitive, others strong and stable, some have sense of humor, others have magnificent capacities of leadership and guidance. We are born with our “baggage”, or better called “equipment”; wherever you believe that equipment comes from, depends on your life, your spiritual vision and beliefs. We all have one or more.

What is our aim? What are we here for? The cosmic question is why.

We like to share with you our vision:

Learn to listen to nature and ourselves

  • Learn to work with your mind rather than against it
  • Learn from one another
  • Discover the tools of mother earth
  • Inspire others
  • Keep on learning through the process

Primary to our condition as human beings our goal is to feel peace and harmony, and be able to overcome emotional, physical and spiritual stress that leads to imbalance. By adapting and succeeding our continuous and variable challenges, we evolve our DNA in the sense that we become connected to our soul purpose and to our “deeper selves”.

We have a responsibility of keeping our planet clean; we create the conditions for life to continue in the microbalance of nature, animal life and climate changes. This is our new concept of interest; there is also energy pollution to take care of!

Do you ever feel like a whole room is dense in energy if you just had a moment of tension, or a release of emotional stress? Have you ever felt the need to open the window and get fresh air after a stressful episode? By doing that you are literally cleaning the energy of the room, and as a consequence, your personal energy field as well.

What can help you to do that? Do you want to stop polluting yourself and your environment? We have found amazing friends, transformers, condensers, energy storages, amplifiers and “cleaners” in crystals. Stones and crystals are incredible tools given by nature. They were formed in a natural biological process resulting from the mixture of different chemical elements subject to pressure either in the desert, in caves and mountains, or under the sea.

Crystals are powerful tools that can interact with our body’s meridians, bring clarity within, connect us to guidance and inspire our mind. Specific stones allow us to express our feelings, or be open to universal love. They even amplify the power of creation and keep us close to the earth. Crystals can both root us into the ground and then push us to expand higher.

Usually it’s the crystal that chooses you, and you can just trust your instinct when you see one and you are really attracted to it. You can use crystals to clear your energy and feel more connected with your self. How amazing is that? If you take care of your crystals, clean them, program them with your intentions keeping them as close as good friends, they will give you and all your surroundings amazing benefits.

by Anaitis For Anna Michielan