27 Dec Ancient Remedies for Healthy Modern Times

Modern life can be exhausting. We’re over-stimulated, over- committed and overwhelmed by world events. So it’s not surprising that our immune systems can be weak at times and our energy can be low.

Optimum nutrition is a very important choice on the journey to health. Foods with live nutrients nourish our bodies and elevate our energy at all levels. We know that ‘live’ foods like fresh, unprocessed fruit and vegetables carry high vibrations. Dead food like sugar, processed foods, medication and some supplements, on the other hand, can have very low frequencies. So eating wisely is the foundation of health.

The natural ‘alternative’ approach to healing based on ancient knowledge and elixirs was used as medicine long before the now so often questioned allopathic medications became available. So in fact ancient remedies are really mainstream medicine. Since the industrialization of food and medicine, we have all but forgotten how to make quality products that nurture and heal humankind. Before this we ate fresh natural produce and used healing remedies made from fresh plant ingredients, which were not processed, but living.

Jamu Essence, based on the traditional Indonesian herbal medicinal healing tonics called Jamu, brings together a greater understanding of nutrition combined with ancient wisdom regarding plant-based remedies. Originating from the old kingdoms of central Java, Jamu contains indigenous roots, herbs and spices combined to treat ailments and preserve the natural balance of the human body for optimum health and well being.

This unique and powerful Jamu was developed by researching and experimenting with traditional herbal formulas combined with natural antibiotic and immune-boosting formulas originating from Europe in the Middle Ages. The result is ‘Jamu Essence’, a highly potent and ‘LIVE’ formula.

Jamu Essence not only fights disease but also helps ensure a strong immune system that prevents illness. It’s packed with powerful healing herbs and spices from both East and West. The main ingredient turmeric (Curcumin) has renowned health benefits validated in hundreds of studies which show its great value in treating a wide range of inflammation-based diseases. To the turmeric base is added ginger, tamarind, lime, cinnamon, garlic and apple cider vinegar. All these ingredients have anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, antibiotic and even pro biotic properties as well as containing antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Jamu Essence also fights viruses, parasites and fungi like Candida and improves blood circulation and lymph flow throughout the body.

Essentially, Jamu Essence is the alchemy of old  and new, East and West. The secret is not the individual ingredients, but the recipe and technique of how the elements are prepared and combined.

By Iris Patrizia