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05 Oct Alkaline Style Life

These days, we’ve got so much more medicine, but so much less health. More people, even children are suffering from obesity, asthma, autoimmune diseases and the three top killers, heart disease, cancer and diabetes, are on the rise. Something’s wrong, something’s got to change.

Of all the balances that the human body strives to maintain, the most crucial is that between the acid and basic or alkaline. All medical texts belonging to the mainstream, allopathic fully agree in this statement. The human body moves heaven and earth to keep that balance. There are other balances as a constant temperature, water level, and blood glucose level … that the body struggles to maintain. All these balances can be included in what we call “internal Homeostasis”.

We all have to realize that just as the earth has an environment that has to be kept clean and clear for pure water and fresh air, each of us has an internal environment that must also be kept clean and clear. We have internal rivers and streams, veins, arteries and lymphatic vessels running through our bodies that must also be kept running pure, the state of which are vital to optimum health. The health of your cells will be determined by the environment they swim in.

Human metabolism and especially most catabolic reactions leading to acid metabolites. We can say that the human body is alkaline in its design but acid in its function, such as the digestion of fats leads to fatty acids, or the digestion of carbohydrates form lactic acid or when we do a lot of exercise and known shoelaces are formed… If all these metabolic activity is added an acidifying diets, the acidity will be served in your cells, tissue, organs and blood even in extreme cases. Excessive acidification of fluids and other body tissues underlying disease.

The blood, tissues and organs of our bodies are kept in a delicate state of pH balance which is set as alkaline at 7.365.  When your body temperature changes, it is actually a sign that something is wrong. If your body pH changes, symptoms can occur.

The blood is strictly held at its alkaline pH by keeping mineral salts balanced in the blood. Acids that build up can be held in the connective tissues and other body tissues such as the skin, muscles and organs. These acids can result in degeneration and disease. The pH of our blood is 7,365 and we have a whole system of regulatory mechanisms such as breathing, digestion, circulation, glandular functions working to maintain the acid-base internal balance.

resort in bali

If that balance is affected blood begins to obtain alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium … of our tissues, bones, cartilage, and muscles. When these minerals react with acids generate a much less harmful substances.

If it still is too acidic which continues to circulate, this acid is poured into tissues for storage, where the immune and lymphatic system will try to neutralize it. But unfortunately for remove this acid in tissues, what we do is back to throw it into the blood, creating a vicious circle, creating a stress, which can affect our main filters, liver and kidneys.

On the other hand if the lymphatic system is overloaded or blood vessels do not work properly, a problem usually caused by lack of exercise, acid accumulates in connective tissue. This imbalance of pH of blood and tissues leads to inflammation and prepares the ground for discomfort and disease. Deposits accumulated acid in tissues can lead to deposits with names such as: polyps, fluids, cysts, stones, tumors, warts, lumps, moles, blisters … or skin diseases, by the removal of acids through the skin such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis…

There are already studies showing the association of certain diseases with acid diet as a study published by Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, NSW, Australia, in which the acid load diet was associated with diabetes.

In another study in South Africa entitled “Non-allopathic adjuvant management of osteoarthritis by alkalinisation of the diet” could be verified as a supplement based on citrate, significantly reduced symptoms in patients with osteoarthritis.

The easiest way we have to alcalinizarnos is through our fuel that is through the food we eat and of course we absorb, because sometimes the problem is that feed you well but you do not absorb. But this is another article.

If you want to learn how to live a life alkaline, then this is your perfect retreat.

Imagine a place where you can do detoxify and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit, where you can unwind and unplug from your daily stress.

Imagine a place where you can boots your immune system, balance your hormones, loose weight, decrease your allergies, learn to eat in a healthy way, see your blood in a microscope to study your cells, improve your health, nourish your soul, rejuvenate and return home glowing inside and out

This place exists, is here in Bali in the beautiful DESA SENI Village Resort, located in Canggu.

We do these through education. We’re very passionate about alkaline diet, yoga, massage, raw food, health and wellness.

Our retreat is completely immersed in nature. The complex has two yoga rooms, swimming pool, restaurant, lovely cottages, beautiful vegetables gardens, organic garden, tearoom; the beach is 7 minutes walk…

We’re a team of highly qualified Western practitioners. We incorpórate all the tools that we’ve learned and we know, and we share with you everything we have to improve your health. We want to do easy and beautiful your transformation towards an alkaline lifestyle