27 Dec What is a spiritual goal on your bucket list?

Currently I feel like I’m equally knee-deep in motherhood as I am head-high-in-the-clouds yearning for spiritually enlightening experiences.  

My daily mothering practice looks like this (take a deep breath to read it super fast): 6 kilos of groceries to buy, carry, and put away, 3 nutritious meals to prepare, serve, and carefully cut up (only to find it all on the floor), 1 dishwasher to unload before I can load it with double its capacity, 2 trash bags to take out, 60 nails to cut, 48 teeth to brush, 6 ears to clean, diapers to change, outfits and heads to brush, 3 seatbelts to click, 31 items of laundry to hang and leave out in the rain, 3 storytime books to read, a sticky floor to wash, bath to draw, a minimum of 4 big arguments to have over the tiniest of shit, 4 apologetic hugs to give, industrial mess of toys to put away, Legos to get out of vacuum cleaner, toothpaste tubes out of the toilet, hair dresser/vaccinations/dentist appointments/parent-teacher conferences to book and remember to show up for (on time and preferably dressed)…” 

My spiritual bucket list includes dancing at a cacao ceremony, learning to give ‘astrological/iridology/ hand/ healing/Goddess tarot card/ insert anything’ readings, studying massage, breathwork, Chinese medicinal herbs, dried flower arrangements, riding a motorcycle through Mongolia wearing a Native American feathered hat, studying with a shaman in New Mexico, doing a yin yoga teacher residency in Ubud, Ayahuasca in Peru, Ayurveda in India, walking El Camino de Santiago, living in Buddhist monastery in Thailand …

Sharing life with small humans is an easy excuse to temporarily postpone deeper yearnings. And the danger is that the temporary can last a very long time. And that long time is what future generations grow up seeing and learning from us.