27 Dec Trashstock Festival is Back!!

The festival TrashStock is coming back for its 4thedition on the 4th & 5th August 2018! It will take place in Kulidan Kitchen, Gianyar, with the aim to reach the youth and educate them about plastic use and littering. TrashStock Musik- Artistik Plastik is an art and music charity festival celebrating the love of Bali’s environment in the most creative way: leveraging visual artists, musical talents and entrepreneurs to tackle the dramatic plastic trash issue that Bali, like many places in the world, is facing. Can plastic pollution be featured as an educational event that is fun, catchy and full of positive spirit? Can art and music be “change agents”? The answer is “yes”, and its perfect illustration is “TrashStock Festival – Musik, Artistik, Plastik. By showcasing creativity for our cities and communities to be more sustainable, we can create positive change. Of course, the event itself needs to be as sustainable as well. The festival will focus on the impact plastic has on animals. Animals care for the nature but do we care for it?   What is the impact pollution has on animals and nature?

Bali is a beautiful Indonesian island visited by millions of tourists each year. Bali is a wonderful place to have a great and diverse holiday experience. It is also a wonderful culture of Hinduism and art! Volcanoes, lakes, waterfalls, beaches, jungles, rivers and ancient Hindu historical sights are just a part of what can expect to experience.

TrashStock is a collective of young people passionate about music, art and the plastic issue in Bali. Created by two friends from France and Bali, the committee involves many young individuals who volunteer their skills and time.

Artists and bands volunteer their talents, making this event a real human experience powered by creative individuals who are passionate about using their talent to make a change.

Their energy is what powers change as “Art changes people and people change the world” said singer John Buttler.

TrashStock does exactly that by empowering a movement of artists, NGO’s and Businesses passionate to care for the Balinese environment,

TrashStock’s mission is to provide a quality art and music festival which strengthens Bali as the main Indonesian destination while also educating, engaging and inspiring both kids and youths to protect their environment through recycling plastic.

Kids and youths often have other priorities than the environment and can sometimes be hard to reach. However, those messages are conveyed by popular musicians before playing or even singing about it by creating songs about plastic pollution, that is much more powerful! Add to this – beautiful artwork made by artists recycling plastic or being inspired by the topic. There is a great combination for sustainability to be communicated to an audience who benefit from non-formal education, who learn about the impact about plastic pollution without even realizing it.

To communicate sustainable messages to an audience, one must be sustainable! Walking the talk will showcase a real commitment to the cause. To achieve such goal, the team behind TrashStock is covering many aspects of sustainable events that also serve educational purposes.

Guests can attend the festival for free if they bring a certain amount of plastic – giving easy access to an audience who do not have a lot of money and sending the message that plastic has a value, that it is not only trash and that should be disregarded and forgotten once used. By paying for the entry with plastic, festival goers will then be able to see how it is possible to upcycle trash – their own trash in this case – into bags, lamps, or event pallets for cargo transportation!

Every year the committee donates to a committed foundation & an artist a part of the benefits. However for the festival to take place, the team also needs support and the ongoing crowdfunding is your chance to help this great adventure!