The Teachers

Teacher Carlotta

Carlotta Castangia

Carlotta Castangia is an ERYT-500 in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow style yoga. She was a dancer for 20 years then finally found her essence through yoga. She began her journey in India embracing all aspects of yoga and she deeply believes in the origins and the roots of the yoga tradition. She also believes that today a modern approach is needed and therefore she combines her knowledge in anatomy and alignment skills in her teaching method. Her classes have constantly evolved over the past 5 years because of her deep devotion to the practice, and she firmly believes that in addition to being a teacher she will remain an eternal student.

Zeenea Latifa

Zee was born in Jakarta (Indonesia), where she has been practicing Yoga since 2012, and teaching since 2015. During that time, Zee explored many different styles of Yoga ranging from Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Kundalini, Acro-Yoga, and Restorative Yoga. Her research and study took place in Indonesia as well as in India. She also developed a deep interest in meditation. Zee is a certified Yoga teacher: RYS 200 yoga alliance with Dini Maharani Sukardi (Dini Yoga in Jakarta-Indonesia). Her relationship with yoga and with life is all about curiosity, exploration and discovery. Yoga brings her peace of mind, while being a positive energy booster. Yoga helps Zee enormously in her own life, and her primary motivation for teaching is to share her passion and experience with open and curious people. She considers herself first and foremost a student of Yoga, who will continue to learn from her teachers and her students. In her classes you can expect a fast pace with core and arms strengthening. Zee believes that with a healthier and stronger body, the mind become stronger. Students will feel happier, stronger and energised.

Zee Teacher
Teacher Eka

Eka Septifana

Breath, expand , and challenge yourself, discover something new and have fun!

I discovered yoga in 2013 while I was working at Banking Sectors.  Through a mindful yoga practice, I have learned to stay centred and be present, which allows me to embrace life more fully with love, compassion and gratitude. To me, the practice of yoga asana and pranayama has the power to strengthen our physic and the mind,  cultivating positive mental attitudes.

  I have taken many inspiring teacher trainings in Anusara, Hatha, Iyengar, Asthanga,  Vinyasa and Restorative, enabling me to experience yoga teaching and its applications. I like to challenge students to do asana focusing on alignment. I give my students time to feel through their experience feel the rewards.

Discipline , consistency and perseverance are my Mantra.

Wolf – Vuk Jocić

Yoga is my soul food, and I love sharing my passion and love for practice with others. I have been practicing yoga for many years and I’ve been teaching various styles of yoga for four years now. My teaching style focuses mainly on Vinyasa yoga, but I am also well-versed in Power flow, Gentle flow, Yin-Yang , Yin, Restorative, and Hatha yoga. I even teach Laughter and Ganja yoga.

My yoga philosophy plays a vital role in shaping the learning experience of the students in my class. I view myself as a friend, guide, mentor, and classroom supporter, always present to assist my students in achieving their goals and objectives. While every student has different goals, I always emphasise the importance of good physical and mental health and harmony of emotions. Based on my beliefs, ethics, and principles, I ensure that each student receives a personalised and nurturing practice.

I have completed a variety of Yoga teacher trainings, adding them as continuous learning every year. As follows, 200YTT Vinyasa program with Prague Yoga Collective, Ganja yoga teacher training (Yoga Alliance certified), Laughter yoga leader training (Laughter Yoga International), and a 200YTT yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, with a traditional focus on Hatha and Vinyasa styles.  I have a Master’s degree in Special education and rehabilitation of people with physical disabilities.

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