31 Jul The Real You” – Jivamukti Yoga Retreat

November 21th – 30th, 2019

Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to Bali, or have you been looking for the right place to make a deep introperspective  and inner arrival? The right place for joy, happiness and, at the same time, contemplation and  good energy? Now the time and place have come.
We spend 9 days together here at  Desa Seni A Village Resort
The village invites us to linger, enjoy and relax. We do yoga in an open shala surrounded by typical Balinese vegetation. The food is just wonderful and designed to meet the needs of yogis. We will eat vegetarian and vegan. The beach is only a few minutes away and yet the village is away from the hustle and bustle in an idyllic location.
About the Retreat: The Real You
Yoga is a tool to create liberation and harmony with yourself and others. However, we often find it difficult to be authentic in everyday life and to recognize our true needs. This is sometimes due to the incredible possibilities we have. Yoga helps us to feel deeply and to connect with our true core. Through a thread, I will guide you through these nine days of yoga and topics that will help you more and more to come to an understanding of true being.
For more information and bookings:
I’m happy for you. You can sign up by email (tinka@katinkakrabiell.de) or just call if you have any questions (+49 174 2179443). And pleas don#t hesitate to contact me, if you have further questions about the retreat, Bali, the best ways to go to Bali. Link to my website and the retreat: https://www.katinkakrabiell-coaching.de/bali-desa-seni/
Desa Seni A Village Resort  is located in hip Canggu. Close to the coolest surfer beaches, great beach clubs and a huge selection of healthy and delicious restaurants.
21st November
Arrival, Welcome class, dinner together
22. & 23., 25. & 26., 28. & 29. November
9.00 am Meditation & Yoga
17.00 – 18.30 Yoga
on the 22nd, 25th, 26th, 28th & 29th dinner together, on the 23rd time for the great culinary offer of the island.
24th & 27th of November
9.00 am Meditation & Yoga
Afterwards there is free time to explore the island or the beach. There is no yoga in the evening.
30th of November
9.00 am Meditation & Yoga
(The times can be changed if necessary.)
All prices include: 9 nights incl. Brunch, 6 x dinner and all yoga & meditation sessions, (drinking water is accessible all day for free).
Additional you can book a spiritual coaching with me, to deepen your process or to clear some situations.
Accommodation in a single room at the Early Bird rate: 2190 €
Accommodation in a single room at the normal rate: 2280 €
Accommodation in a double room at the Early Bird rate: 1630 €
Accommodation in a double room: 1700 €
Accommodation in a double room with a double booking & early bird rate: 1600 €
Accommodation in a double room with a double booking: 1630 €
Accommodation in a triple room at the Early Bird rate: 1430 €
Accommodation in a triple room: 1500 €
Accommodation in a triple room with a double booking & early bird rate: 1400 €
Accommodation in a triple room with double booking: 1430 €
Early Bird rate until 30.08.2019
Normal rate from 31.08.2019
Please note that the arrival is not included in the price and you have to pay for the costs yourself.
About Katinka:
Katinka is a former teacher, but quit her job as a civil servant to devote herself fully to her vocation and today works as a mindfullness coach / spiritual counselor and is a yoga teacher with heart and soul.
She completed her first teacher training in 2016 after 14 years of yoga practice at the Bhaktifamily in Bali with international teachers and since then has been teaching with great joy and devotion. She travels to yoga events and trainings around the world to get new inspiration for her classes. She completed her 300 h Advanced Jivamukti Teacher Training in November 2018 and since then has been doing her 800 h apprenticeship at Jivamukti Yoga Berlin in Berlin and will be an advanced certified Jivamukti teacher in september. But her energetic work always flows into her classes. “By combining yoga, coaching and energy work, I have found my niche and love to pass on my knowledge and love to my participants.”
“Yoga and the spiritual way of life have changed my life 180 degrees. The joy of life, the gratitude and the courage to follow its highest potential, I would like to pass on through my lessons and through my meetings, seminars and workshops to my students.
My yoga classes are very soft on one side, challenging on the other. For me, it’s important to show my students that life starts on the yoga mat. As in life, we learn to accept our limitations and to love ourselves, but also to muster the courage to accept challenges and take them into our lives. “
Her lessons are Vinyasa flows, paired with elements of Jivamukti and Yinyoga in the evening