13 Sep The Art of Intelligent Sequencing

May 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th 2024

Take your practice and teaching to the next level, support yourself and your students by learning to create knowledgable Sequences.

This training is all about equipping you to take your teaching and practice to the next level. Learning knowledge on  how to make the practice safe and accessible as well as creative but in the same time educational. We will cover all the Topics on  how a Yoga Class should be structured in order to offer students the best.

Yoga is not just a physical practice but it has more aspects that need to be covered in every class to maintain a stable lineage.

Learn to sequence  according to the Krama system, knowledgable and  intelligent ordering of poses leading toward a peak pose.

Included in this course are teachings on modifying the Surya Namaskar, counterposing, unpacking peak poses, pose modifications, rhythm and flow, philosophical teachings explanations offering insight into subjects such as karma, sankalpa ( intention), parinamavada (impermanence) and sacred practice.



This course is open to Yoga teachers and to those  ready to begin a  journey and transform their practice.


+ Progressive Sequence Planning

+ Honouring the traditions of Vinyasa Krama

+ Sequencing and Energetic Effects

+ Explore how to plan workshops

+ Creating Mandala , Ladder, Rising Flows

+ Understanding Rhythm, Music & Flow

+ Creative Linking of Poses

+ Ways of weaving a theme into classes

+ An educator through your teachings

+ Effective Storytelling

+ Relate philosophy practically

+ An environment for Self reflection

Teacher Carlotta

Teacher: Carlotta Castangia

Carlotta Castangia is an ERYT-500 in Hatha and Vinyasa Flow style yoga. She was a dancer for 20 years then finally found her essence through yoga. She began her journey in India embracing all aspects of yoga and she deeply believes in the origins and the roots of the yoga tradition. She also believes that today a modern approach is needed and therefore she combines her knowledge in anatomy and alignment skills in her teaching method. Her classes have constantly evolved over the past 5 years because of her deep devotion to the practice, and she firmly believes that in addition to being a teacher she will remain an eternal student.

Come spend 4 days with us, at Desa Seni, A Village Resort.  Immerse yourself with knowledgable teachings of yoga, organic brunch daily, friendships a new and a community of truth.

Yoga Alliance certificate upon completion.  $USD475 – Indonesia Citizens $USD350


Write info@desaseni.com to book

If interested in accommodations, special offerings available. Please write Info@desaseni.com and mention your interest.