31 Jul REVOLV – The New Cool & Sustainble Kids On The Block !!

The young team behind Revolv, based in Bali, has created a reusable takeaway system made of up-cycled cups for smoothies & coffees and to go food boxes that are not only chic, but also good for our environment.

It started as a simple and immediate idea on a plane from Shanghai to Honk Kong and was born out of a desire for a solution amidst a global emergency with single-use plastics. The state of the rivers, beaches and oceans are in a immediate crisis and Revolv feels deep ties to the special place. It was fueled by th optimistic belief that the world was ready for change and ready for action.









Going to any of their parntner locations you can now enjoy a takeaway coffee, smoothie or meal in a reuseable container against a deposit. Once done – just return it at any of the locations and get your deposit back. Eliminating single-use plastics has never been so easy ! Be part of the solution.


For more information visit www.revolv.io or drop a line to our sales:Velina@revolv.io