31 Jul Refill My Bottle

“Water is a human right. To the extent one has the right to live, one has the right to water”

RefillMyBottle is an online map that identifies all the places – be it a cafe, resort, museum or shop – where refillers could walk in and fill up their bottle with clean drinkable water for free or a minimum fee.

We are a community of responsible travellers, conscious locals and mindful business owners who take action against plastic waste.

We offer a simple alternative to buying bottled water and our goal is to reduce the number of single-use plastic bottles used unnecessarily throughout the world.
How did we start?

Our community was founded initially in Bali – an island that tourism has impacted in myriad ways. Over 6 million disposable plastic bottles are used and discarded every month in Bali alone.

The lack of waste management systems means that these water bottles end up in landfills, the ocean, or are burned which creates toxic fumes. It’s clear that the problem needs to be tackled at the source by reducing consumption of plastic water bottles.

So, the question arises – without buying water out of a plastic bottle, how do we ensure access to clean drinking water for locals and tourists alike? A group of sustainable businesses in Bali came up with the simple idea of providing access to drinking water to all who need it – without having to buy a plastic water bottle. They created RefillMyBottle.

Refill My Bottle Now:

Since initial conception, RefillMyBottle has grown significantly. Neighbouring countries facing the same issue joined us in the fight against plastic waste, and local Refill Ambassadors who know their environment better than anyone, work to establish refill stations in their own communities.

Refills are now available at over 2500 locations across Southeast Asia and other countries.

Our Mission

1. Register local business as RefillStations, providing water for free or small fee
2. Convert traveler behavior from buying plastic bottles to refilling their bottles
3. Raise awareness of solutions to the plastic problem

We aim thereby to reduce the source of the plastic problem, enable more people to lead a conscious lifestyle and empower local communities to take the lead on reducing plastic waste. The problem of plastic is affecting people all around the world and, in time, we plan to implement our solution globally. For more information visit www.refillmybottle.com