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19 Feb Chakra Balancing Through Sound Medicine

One of the advantages of using live acoustic sound for meditation and personal transformation is that sound has an extraordinary capacity to touch all aspects and dimensions of a person’s being. Energy, frequency and vibration form the connective tissue of all creation. Whether we are conscious of it or not, so long as something exists, it carries a pitch and rhythm; the heartbeat is our reminder of this reality.Blog 8 Photo 2

If we undergo turbulent or even traumatic experiences that negatively affect life’s natural harmony; then the music inside becomes tense, disconnected and dissonant, and mental and physical dis-ease may onset as a result. It gets worse when a person becomes so disconnected to their innate harmony that they may become “dissonance hunters.”

When I started learning to read the body through my training at the Tama-Do (Way of the Soul) Academy, I was initiated into how sound (and color) therapy can clear the way to tune the self back in and reestablish inner balance. Now over several years of practice, I’ve experienced how vibration can provide physical relief through the denser features of lower frequencies. How it can, through music composition, touch and release emotions. How it can through the sensation of space it creates clear the mind, and because of its antigravity nature, how it can be a pathway to stronger spirituality.


Most healing sounds are absorbed by the body and subtle bodies through the spiraling energy created by sound “overtones”, which feed and unblock the chakras and reconnect the subtle and physical worlds. Sound healing, especially the Tama-Do method, works because it coherently interfaces the spiraling energies of nature and directs them where they need to go to benefit an individual.

Indeed, harmonizing overtones are abundant in Bali (waves, wind, birdsong etc), making it an ideal space to deepen with the harmony. Natural ambiance is one grand “unstruck” sound energy source. But when these overtones are harnessed and boosted with specialized instruments, they can have a magical effect on the body’s energy centers.

Interestingly enough, the mathematical sequence found in natural overtones and acoustic instruments correspond to that of the Golden Mean or Phi Ratio and our DNA strands.

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A number of different Eastern traditions throughout the world hold to the idea of major energy centers or “chakras” in different parts of the body which serve as bridges between the physical and non-physical world. These invisible whirling vortices of energy, track the central axis of the body starting at the base of the spine with the Root Chakra.

While some place the total number of chakras throughout the body at a massive 880,000, the focus is usually on 7 major energy centers.

Regardless of the number of chakras, like different notes on a keyboard, each major wheel of energy is a doorway or key to the consciousness. Each chakra is a hub linked to a specific natural element. Each chakra contains a different message and corresponds with different health conditions. Different chakras respond to different frequencies of color and sound from low to high, suggesting that the body is a musical instrument and a color canvas simultaneously.


The function of A Tama-Do Sound Harmonization Concert is its feeding of all the body’s energy centers. With its blend of low to high frequencies, multiple sacred instruments, color therapy and essences, Tama-Do sets itself apart by balancing the chakras.

Each instrument is selected based on an elemental quality and frequency and assigned according to the chakra system starting with the Root note that is based on the frequency of the circumference of the earth. Generally, the lowest audible frequencies activate the lower chakras, the mid range sounds access the middle chakras, and the overtone rich expansive sounds empower the upper chakras.

Chinese Medicine and Vedic holistic sciences trace relationships between the chakras and the energy channels in the body that correspond to the organs, tissue and cells. One of Tama-Do’s principle foundations is Traditional Chinese Medicine and its acupuncture techniques enable pure sound energy to be directed inside the body during private sessions for a deeper experience of sound.

We are rediscovering through sound healing’s why the universal appeal of music and therapeutic sound is so prevalent throughout history, spanning across the world and reaching back before recorded time.

The ancients realized through the conscious use of sound energy and other vibrational tools, illnesses can be prevented and dis-ease reversed. Systems and bodies of knowledge based on these discoveries reveal sound and music’s original intent. By reviving these bodies of knowledge today, we can learn how to apply sound more meaningfully in life.

Sound healing is fast becoming the “future of modern medicine,” according to Cornell Medical Oncologist Dr. Mitch Gaynor. Overtone-rich acoustic sounds are also a wonderful source of simple beauty, universal wisdom and a reminder of the healing power of nature.


– by Shervin Boloorian.